Al Vèdel, a dashing Restaurant located in the heart of the countryside nearby Parma, is a place where you can experience the atmosphere of an ancient “Osteria”. The uttermost care is placed in every detail, allowing our guests to engage in a taste experience delivered by a creative cuisine, rooted in our knowledge of Parma’s culinary traditions. Our Chefs, encouraged to express their creativity, present dishes permeated by gentle balances of aromas and flavors, unaffected by current fashion trends.
Our seasonal menu is realized solely utilizing ingredients sourced from local and regional production areas. It will entice you with the original Culatello di Zibello DOP, Charcuteries produced by “Podere Cadassa” and flavorsome meat varieties from the Po valley, such as pork, beef and goose. It will surprise you with sturgeon and eels, sourced from the Po river, as well as frogs and snails typical of our beautiful wetlands. It will intrigue you with rabbits, quails, mushrooms and truffles found naturally in the nearby Apennines, while also offering you the chance to indulge in foreign specialties, such as oysters from Brittany or the famous Iberian pork meat.
Our commitment to seasonality is rooted in the belief that produce best expresses its characteristics when in season; only then it can be innovated in order to research new organoleptic sensations.
Our Cheese List offers a large and comprehensive selection of cow, sheep and goat cheese meticulously sourced from small dairies, both in Italy and further afield.
It’s with the same uttermost care that we select the wines found in our extensive Wine List of over 1.500 offerings. From the best local Lambrusco to fine French vintages, special attention is given to boutique regional and international producers, with great emphasis placed on organic productions.
At the end of the dining experience, aficionados and demanding palates can enjoy Scottish Malt, Caribbean Rum, Grappa varieties, Port, Cognac and Armagnac of the highest quality and vintages.